Hybrid Conference (In Person / Virtual)

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1st January'1970, ,

Conference Registration

Categories Pre-Enrollment
Till 1st January 1970
Standard Participation
Till 1st January 1970
Onsite (Physical) Presentation USD 319 USD 349
Onsite (Physical) Presentation with Scopus Publication USD 569 USD 599
Onsite (Physical) Presentation with Scopus Q2 Publication USD 1450 USD 1750
Onsite (Physical) Listener USD 179 USD 199
Online Presentation USD 159 USD 189
Online Presentation with Scopus Publication USD 469 USD 499
Online Presentation with Scopus Q2 Publication USD 1250 USD 1550
Online Listener USD 104 USD 119

Note: Once you have transferred the registration fee, mail the screenshot of the online transaction receipt you received to info@iierd.org

You can download the registration form to fill it in with your details and share it along with the payment screenshot proof.

Registration Guidelines

Please submit your registration fees before the deadline for a particular registration type. Also, kindly go through these registration guidelines.

1. If we don't receive the payment by the deadline, subsequent charges will apply for late registration. Also, unpaid or only partially paid registrations are only regarded as valid once they are fully paid

2. Every individual applying for registration will receive an authentic registration overview and an email confirming receipt of payment. To check your payment status, you can log in to your account.

3.Due to any circumstance, if your online credit/debit card payment fails, it's advised to initiate the payment again. Still, if you cannot process online payments, contacting the respective bank is recommended to solve the issue.

4. Kindly mention your name and registration number in your bank transfer, as it helps identify the individual. Also, make sure that any payment made by bank transfer is free of all bank charges and transfer fees, as it assures the validity of your registration.

5. All the attendees must create accounts and register only through the online registration available on the website

6. You must check for and note down the unique registration number, which will be sent by email after successfully submitting the registration forms.

7. If you're initiating bank transit, it must have your registration number (obtained after the registration process) and the attendee's name in the payment details

Registration Benefits

Attendees of the can look forward to a variety of benefits when they register, including:

1. The opportunity to present their research work and receive feedback during Q&A sessions.

2. Engaging with speakers and fellow participants through interactive learning sessions.

3. Networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals in your field.

4.Access to conference materials such as folders, bags, booklets, learning material, note pads, pens, and more.

5. A certificate of participation and presentation delivery (for in-person and virtual attendees).

6. Access to globally renowned journals, such as Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar.

7. The possibility of having your research paper included in the conference proceedings.

8. Opportunities for personal and professional development (for in-person attendees).

9. Attendees can watch live and recorded sessions of the entire conference (for the listener and virtual attendees).

10. Virtual attendees can participate in the 'Best Research Presentation' Awards scheme, gaining recognition for their work.

11. In-person attendees can attend career-changing lectures and keynotes, while listener attendees can gain expertise remotely. Virtual attendees can gain widespread exposure through recordings of their presentations being shared on the conference's official social media channels and engaging in interactive technical sessions.