Hybrid Conference (In Person / Virtual)

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1st January'1970, ,


The International Institute of Education, Research, and Development (IIERD) is the largest non-profit organisation (NPO) that aims to enhance various engineering and technology fields. Registered under the Indian Trust Act (1882), IIRED organises successful events like conferences, seminars, and workshops in different parts of the country.

These events aim to bridge the gap between theoretical study and its practical implementation among academicians. Therefore, we focus on science and technology research, development, technological revolution, promotion, and sustainable development. All these goals are achieved by bringing leading scientists, professionals, practitioners, and academicians to one platform.

Various events will highlight solutions, the most talked about issues, and future goals. This gives all participants adequate knowledge of topics and upcoming fields and fills them with confidence. Furthermore, active participation helps participants shape their careers and personalities. IIERD-forum hosts national and international experts who have achievements in various science, engineering, and technology fields. This gives an idea of where the world stands concerning a particular field.

Moreover, one of the major goals of IIERD is to assist young minds and uplift their professional journey by providing financial aid to talented individuals. As a result, we are one of the leading publishers of research papers and journals, proceedings, and research magazines.

We are happy to be supported by the international Advisory Board (IAB), which operates in the subcontinent and the Middle East. To grow the possibilities of various fields of science and technology, we help students in multiple ways that include collaboration with leading technical institutes, including universities and research centres.

Our editorial board comprises expert professionals who publish the research works of scholars in leading journals. Moreover, we have collaborated with leading publishers to promote academicians' ideas, creativity, and research.

The International Institute of Education, Research, and Development (IIERD) works to teach the country's students to embrace science and technology. Whether funding, research assistance, collaboration with high-level bodies, or organising events, we take every task as a challenge to boost young minds. Indulge in authenticity, honesty, and hard work by being a part of IIERD.

So, be a part of this journey and take your professional journey forward with us.