International Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence (ICLAI - 23)
14th Nov - 15th Nov'2023, Milan, Italy

Welcome to ICLAI - 23

International Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence (ICLAI - 23) at Milan, Italy, on 14th Nov - 15th Nov'2023 is delighted to welcome professionals, academicians, and practitioners from the field to attend high-level conferences. The IIERD is organising meaningful discussions focusing on solutions, future scope, and ongoing trends. This is your chance to acquire knowledge, learn, and improve.

As a participant, this is your golden opportunity to create valuable connections through socialisation which will boost your professional journey. This event will welcome experts from national and international locations connected to the field. So, meet your heroes and engage in revolutionary discussions.

Moreover, you can engage with like-minded people and explore new areas of interest with active participation. Moreover, academicians can present their research, vision, and creative ideas to benefit the topic. The atmosphere of active questioning and engagement will benefit the event and all participants

Attendance at these conferences will level up your CV and prove helpful in future endeavours. Moreover, it will give an insight into where all the nations stand concerning advancements and recent trends in Logics in Artificial Intelligence . An event full of socialisation, opportunities, information, and specialists should not be missed.

You can discuss your career, fields, and research and get an evaluation from participants and speakers. They will assist you in choosing the right path. Moreover, conferences organised at amazing locations help you explore several cities.

At the IIERD conference, you can meet leading business delegates & sponsors who are looking for creative minds. Moreover, you can grab the opportunity to get funded for your further studies at Logics in Artificial Intelligence .

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline

30th October'2023

Last date of registration

7th November'2023

Date of Conference

14th Nov - 15th Nov'2023


* You will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of the proposed paper within four working days of the submission date.

* In case of any queries, you can mail us at Be sure to mention your paper code in the mail.

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